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Are you the proud owner of an Online Golden Tee Home Edition? If so, the following resources could help you maximize your virtual-golfing experience.

Home Operator Login:
For access to game customizables or to alter Attract Mode screens using AdWiz, please login to the Home Operators Page using the login and password information.


Converting, Updating, and Connecting your Golden Tee Home Edition:
Need assistance getting your recently-purchased Golden Tee Home Edition up and running? The following manuals are available online. You can not convert an Home Edition to an commercial Golden Tee.


If further assistance is needed, please contact customer support (below).

Golden Tee Web Account:
Track your stats, contest history, all-time bests, averages and more. By logging in to your Golden Tee web account, you can monitor your gameplay progress on your Golden Tee Home Edition.

Don't have an account? Create one today.

Player Cards:
If you'd like order a new Golden Tee LIVE Player Card (with no past stats), you may do so here. If you already have a Golden Tee LIVE Player Card, but are in need of a replacement—which will keep your past stats, clothing and achievements—you can reorder a free Player Card on your Web Account.

YouTube™ Golden Tee Great Shots:
Hit a hole-in-one or holeout over 100 yards on your game? If so, you were offered the ability to upload this Golden Tee Great to YouTube™. For more information on the process, check out our helpful upload guide.

Customer Support:
Having difficulties with your Golden Tee Home Edition? If your game is in need of service, or you have questions regarding installation, registration, troubleshooting or more, please contact us at

If you aren't currently an owner—or you simply have questions regarding the game, delivery, setup and more—be sure to check out our FAQ below.


Q: What comes with a Golden Tee Home Edition purchase?

A: When you purchase a Home Edition game, you'll get the Showpiece cabinet, the marquee identifying the game, and an HDMI cable to connect the game to your HDTV of choice. If you’ve purchased a month or year online subscription with your service, your game will come online ready.

Q: So a HDTV doesn't come with the purchase?
A: Nope, the HDTV is on you. Most bars typically use a 42" flat screen, but the size is up to you. If you're looking for a way to mount your television, you can contact us to find out more about IT's official Showpiece stand.

Q: Does my HDTV have to be used exclusively for my game?
A: If you already have a HDTV in place you can hook up your Golden Tee when you want to play and still watch your favorite sporting events when you're not playing. The Showpiece is moveable and can be tucked away if/when you decide to move it.

Q: Is the game heavy? Can I move it by myself?
A: The Showpiece cabinet weight approximately 160 pounds. It does come with wheels, however, so moving it can be done with one person. If you have to move it up or down a flight of stairs, two Golden Tee players should be able to accomplish this goal relatively easy.

Q: How much does the game cost? Are there online subscription options?
A: Yes, for a full rundown on the cost of a Showpiece™ and online pricing options, please visit the Pricing & Specs Page.

Q: How do I get my game online?
A: By purchasing either a monthly or yearly subscription package, you will be able to register your game to our servers. From there, you need to connect the game through Ethernet or various wireless options. More information is available on our Online Access Guide or through a Golden Tee Home Edition sales rep.

Q: Do I need an online subscription to take advantage of online play?
A: Yes, although Casual Play will still be available without one, to participate in online contests and track your stats, you need a subscription.

Q: I have an older version of Golden Tee and my game is offline. Can I update this game to be an Online Golden Tee Home Edition?
A: Yes, we have various upgrade packages that should work with your specific game. Please contact a Golden Tee Home Edition sales rep for options and information.

Q: Is my Home Edition compatible with annual course updates for the game?
A: Yes. You can purchase these course updates once they are available, and you will receive a USB memory stick that can be uploaded to your game. Updating is quick and easy. A Golden Tee Home Edition sales rep will contact you with updating information once the time nears.

Q: Can I play online for prizes?
A: No, the Online Golden Tee Home Edition does not offer Prize Play. It does, however, offer online tournaments with Glory Mode. For much more on the new and exciting additions visit the Features Page.

Q: How does shipping work?
A: Curbside liftgate service in the 48 contiguous United States will be an additional cost. Inside delivery or shipment to other areas is not available. Delivery will be made via freight carrier of Incredible Technologies’ choice during normal weekday business hours. For individual shipping questions—or to inquire on possible savings—please contact us.