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GT HOME Subscription Terms and Conditions

If your GOLDEN TEE HOME subscription was not set up when your unit was purchased, you should either call 847-870-7027 or email from your registered email address to request account activation. You will receive instructions or a call back to get you set up.

The following terms and conditions apply:

  1. There is a subscription fee for access to the GOLDEN TEE HOME network service. It may be paid either monthly or yearly. The current rate can be found on IT's website, by calling 847-870-7027, or emailing and inquiring.

  2. To set up a subscription you must provide a charge card number or other information that can be billed on a recurring basis. Your subscription will remain active until either you or IT elect to cancel it, and will be rebilled each billing period. IT will not send you a reminder or an inquiry before rebilling your card.

  3. If your billing method fails, IT reserves the right to retry it a number of times or to let your subscription lapse, or both. IT may not contact you before we do either of these things. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have a good payment method on file with IT.
  4. Subscriptions can only be cancelled by calling 847-870-7027 or emailing

  5. There are no refunds for partially billed subscription periods.

  6. IT is not liable for connectivity problems that may interfere with your ability to connect to the GOLDEN TEE HOME network service. Connectivity problems should be discussed with your Internet Service Provider. IT will not provide technical assistance for network connectivity problems unrelated to the unit itself.

  7. IT does not provide Internet access as part of the GOLDEN TEE HOME network service. You must have an adequate connection to the Internet for the unit to be able to connect with our network.

  8. IT will from time to time, either on a scheduled basis or as required, take the GOLDEN TEE HOME network service off line for maintenance. Maintenance outages are considered a reasonable and customary interruption in the provision of the GOLDEN TEE HOME network service. No credits or refunds will be issued for unplayable periods during such maintenance.

  9. While your subscription is active, IT will use reasonable efforts to provide you with access to the service. However, any refund or credit for downtime or other problems shall be at IT's sole discretion. Your sole remedy for such downtime is to cancel your subscription to the service.

Current as of 04/01/2013. Subject to change without notice.

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